Hi everyone.

I recently took the plunge and upgraded my MBP to Lion. I restored the DMG to a 16 GB Flash drive, and booted from it without any problems. I formatted my MacintoshHD partition using Disk Utility, and told the installer to install Lion onto it.

The odd thing that I noticed during the first part of installation was that additional components were apparently being downloaded from the Internet. What I find odd, however, is that I formatted my partition, and the installer had no way of gaining Internet connectivity; I wasn't asked which wireless network to connect to or anything similar. This was later confirmed by a check of the /var/log/install.log file, which told me that an attempt to grab some catalogue files from the Apple servers had failed; no Internet connection could be established.

Does anyone know what these components are that the installer tries to fetch? I've seen other users on other forums who have tried to upgrade, and have received the message that the installation couldn't continue; the components couldn't be downloaded, which makes no sence because the installer doesn't give you an option to connect to a network or enter a network key.