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    accessing desktop files while other windows open
    With snow leopard, i could sweep 4 fingers up the trackpad and all open windows would vanish exposing the files stored on my desktop. With lion, mission control does not seem to allow this maneuver. You can sweep alway the open windows but desktop files are not available. What am I missing? Thanks

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    Because it's a ridiculously asinine motion some idiot came up with to show the desktop with Lion. Whoever came up with this one should be fired. I can't even explain it and if you don't keep your finger nails chewed down to nubs, good luck getting it to work half the time.

    Open up System Preferences - Trackpad - More Gestures - the last one on the page to show desktop.

    And if you haven't gone through all those videos - you need to.
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    It does indeed but with none of the open files, which was the question

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