Having problems with the Dock, and done a lot of Googling to no avail. A couple of days ago, when I started up, the Dock was missing. At some point in the day, it reappeared (I wasn't home at the time, so not sure what went on when it came back). This has happened the same over the past few days.

It's not hidden, etc. If I put it on the bottom or the left, it's fine. The strange thing is, where the Dock should be on the right, the cursor will go off the edge if I mouse over. Not all the way down the right side; at the bottom below where the dock should be, the cursor will stay on the screen (this happens even if the Dock is on the bottom or left).

I tried deleting the plist and db files. Also deleted recent downloads and documents. Tried hiding and unhiding. Tried Option-Command-D. Tried "killall Dock" and some other Terminal things which I don't really know mean. Restarted numerous times.

Slowly going crazy here. Any ideas? I guess I can leave my Dock on the left, but it just feels...wrong.