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    Aug 17, 2011
    HP printer floods paper with ink
    I have a macbook pro and a HP b9180 that has worked fine for a few years now after changing to Lion the drivers on my printer were updated now when I try to print a picture it floods the paper with ink, letters are fine its just prints, I use ilford gallerie paper, as a photographer I did print a lot. It is also mentioned on the HP forum but no one has an answer,

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    RE: HP B9180 printer floods paper with ink
    Hi, I had the same problem after upgrading my Mac Pro to Lion. After trying all sorts of things I eventually solved the problem by uninstalling the the Lion HP printer update that is installed after using Software Update and replacing it with the HP printer folder that was installed on my old Snow Leopard clone disk that I had created in case of any Lion problems.

    To do this, delete the HP folder from the Printers folder in the Library folder on your OSX disk. Go to print and fax in your system preferences and delete the B9180 printer. Then copy the HP folder from the Snow leopard back up and paste it into the Printers folder in the Library folder on your Lion disk. Then add the printer back using the print and fax button in the system preferences. The printer should now work properly. This procedure fixed my problem but I must admit I haven't had time to test the printer thoroughly yet, so there might be other glitches.

    Another way to do it might be to uninstall the Lion HP folder the way I said above and then install the Snow Leopard driver from the extras folder of a Snow Leopard install disk.

    Best of luck,

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    Smile HP driver
    Many thanks Chris
    did that and now I am back printing



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    That's good to hear
    Hi Robin,

    glad to hear that my solution worked for you. I wonder how many other people will have the same problem and whether Apple or HP will get round to sorting it out in future updates.

    All the best,


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    Thanks for sharing - appreciate it. Didn't run into this issue with my HP - fingers crossed.
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    Same problem here
    I have a new 8500 multifunction which works fine under Lion and a B9180 that simply pours ink onto the page - what rubbish - think HP have really taken their eye of the ball

    Thanks for your post - really helpful but can't get the results I had before and can't find a way to contact HP at the weekend

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