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Thread: Log in to Lion machine from older Macs?

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    Log in to Lion machine from older Macs?


    We have several older Macs (G4 and Mac Mini, both PowerPC based) that are still working fine, albeit a bit slow. I've been reading about how Lion has improved screen sharing that lets you log in (to the Lion machine) remotely in a separate user session (i.e. the Lion machine can still be used independently by a local user).

    Would this allow me to purchase a new iMac running Lion and have that machine service the older Macs (still running Leopard, 10.5) via screen sharing, effectively only using them as terminals?

    If this works, any caveats (performance, minimum CPU/memory of Lion machine, etc)?


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    I log into my kids Lion machine using my 10.6 machine all the time. I do not believe, however, that the background usage works in this instance.
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