This is very confusing. We are a school district with 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools. Last year we purchased a MacMini Server with OS X Server 10.6 for each elementary school and middle school, primarily to be used as file servers for teachers and student labs. But we also want to use the netboot/netrestore feature to maintain the labs.

They were all set up the same way, using the all the same settings except, of course, each named for its school, with static IP address for that schools subnet. Several of the schools are working fine. We build the various netinstall or netrestore images (depending on OS version), upload them to the library/netboot/NetBootSP0 folder of the appropriate server, activate Netboot services, and it all works the way it is supposed to. However, we also have some that do NOT work. Even though, as far as we can tell, every setting is the same between the servers, some do not work. We have the images built, and tested on on of the working servers to make sure it isnít a bad image problem, we uploaded the images to the library/netboot/NetBootSP0 folder, just like the other servers, activate NetBoot services, and get nothing. We try to do a netinstall from and image, and it just does not find it.

We know the problem is not in our network because we have two servers, one on which netboot works, and one one which it is being stubborn both connected to the same network here at our workshop. Connect the one that works and we can image computers from it, no problem. Connect the other, even using the same ethernet cable and static IP address, and we cannot successfully pull up a netrestore image.

Are there any hidden settings or something similar we should be looking at? The new school year is getting REALLY close and we still have several hundred new computers to image.