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    Add Name to startup?
    Recently got a new company powerbook (os 10.4), and it's made me rather nervous carrying it around with me. Is there a way to display the company name and contact info on startup? I'd like to do the same type of thing on my ibook.

    I was thinking more of something in firmware that would display rather large notice on the screen for about five seconds on startup, so if a malicious somebody walked off with it and reinstalled the OS it would still be there.

    What about the possibility of running a startup script in the OS that prevents an anti theft script in firmware from running (which would halt the boot process and need to be disabled in firmware)? Point of that being that if the OS was reinstalled nobody could use it, but they'd know who's computer it was.


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    I can see where this would be a concern in the Windows world, where Win2K or XP discs can be had cheaply and easily. I'm not sure you really have to worry about it using a Mac. With Mac users being a serious minority, I'm not sure this is even an issue.

    I've not heard of a program that does that for a Mac. Major Firmware mods for Macs are pretty rare as Apple keeps it all in-house for the most part. There are a few (startup screens for instance) but not many.

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    You can use loginwindow manager that will display a login disclaimer if you will. That's about as good as it gets.

    Click Here for the LWM page.

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