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    SimCity 4 + OSX Lion = ???
    (Sorry if this has been posted already or if it's in the wrong forum)

    I purchased a brand new iMac a few days ago and it shipped to my house with Lion as the default OS. My all-time favorite desktop game SimCity4 Deluxe for mac will not play since it's a PowerPC app. I've searched through google's immense catalog on Snow Leopard and Lion and unless my searches are using the wrong wording, I could find but one topic on how to install Snow Leopard onto a Lion computer. It involved having the new Lion-based mac and an old Snow Leopard mac running at the same time and using firewire cables and rebooting a bunch of different times, etc. Is this really the only way to install Snow Leopard onto a Lion computer?

    Also, I do not want to run Windows on my computer AT ALL...I've been a mac user my entire life and I would hate to have to buy the PC version of the game...which is not retailed any more.

    If any one can help me out I would greatly appreciate it...even if the answer is, "NO you can't do it, forget about it, get lost," at least i'll know where I stand.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Yupp...Sim City 4 for the Macintosh is a 6+ year-old game...and and when it was first only needed OS 10.2.8 to run. A LOT has happened since then with the OS releases of 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, and now 10.7. Eventually support for such old software will run out as you found out.

    Here's more info from the developers of Sim City 4:

    Aspyr Support Center

    My suggestions is...if you REALLY like Sim City 4 (and don't still have your old Mac you used to run it on) an older used Mac cheap to play it.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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