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    Spinning ball after installing Lion?
    Hey guys..

    I have been dealing with the spinning ball for quite sometime now and after upgrading to Lion I thought it would stop but I was wrong.

    Here is what happens:
    Spinning ball appears when browsing on safari, or using any other program and it appears at random. It will spin for about a minute or sometimes longer. I am able to move the cursor and hovering over the dock shows all the apps there. But I can't open anything else. Sometimes it takes so long that I have to reboot.

    What I've done:
    I have used disk utility and the disk has no errors.
    I have tested the memory and there are no memory errors.
    I did a fresh install of leopard and then moved over all programs etc.
    I now did an upgrado of Lion
    I cloned the hard drive to another hd using carbon copy cloner.

    The spinning ball persisted.
    My mac is a 2010 white macbook with 4gb of ram and a 320GB WD hard drive with 200gb of FREE space.

    Warranty is gone I believe.

    Any suggestions?

    I am now thinking that it may be a program that may be causing the issue and not hardware related. I recently uninstalled Frostwire to see how that helps if at all.

    THanks for any input.

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    What you might want try is to do a fresh install of Lion and see how it behaves in that stock mode for a while, then install applications one at a time and try things out for a day or so in between applications and see if any of them causes the problem to occur..

    Your Macbook should definitely be able to ruin Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion without any problems with 4GB of memory..
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    Issue can be caused by an application that is not compatible with Lion.

    After upgrading to Lion, I suddenly had the spinning beach ball in Safari ... I uninstalled Flash Player and all is well now.... never seen the beach ball again and it has been a week now.

    Cheers ... McBie
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