How can I set Safari 5.1 to download pdfs and NOT have them automatically open within Safari windows. What I want is when I click on a link that is a pdf, that it will automatically download to the desktop and them open - but not in a Safari window.

Yes, I know that I can right click and save... but one does not always know that a link is a pdf in the first place.

I have just got a new iMac two days ago and In the past, on my previous iMac, I was able to open Terminal and type the following to get it to do what I want:

defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool YES .... hit return, quit Terminal and restart Safari.

But I tried that - and still pdfs display in Safari's window..... maybe it is because I was running the previous version of Safari on my last previous Mac.... compared to my current Safari 5.1 that I am now using and this particular terminal command maybe dosnt work with Safari5.1????

I have search this forum and others but after many hours, I cannot find the answer..... anyone any ideas?