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Thread: Heads up on Lion Superdrive *fake* glitch, possibly

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    Cool Heads up on Lion Superdrive *fake* glitch, possibly
    I'm running an '08 Macbook Pro (2.53 processor, 4 gig memory) 15 inch.

    Upgraded to Lion last week. Loving it. However, straight after the update I noticed my superdrive wouldn't recognise (mount) CDs, though it would play DVDs just fine. I assumed that my drive was on the way out or maybe busted, as I did some forum trawling elsewhere and it seems there is evidence that this can sometimes happen (ie: the CD optics can fail but DVD optics carry on working).
    But, I thought this was somehow way too coincidental, as it was working fine before the Lion upgrade and only stopped working right after the update.

    So, I went into System preferences > CD & DVDs > and turned off the standard preferences I had selected, then went back in & turned them all back on again (same as my old settings) and the drive now works fine.

    Just a heads up that this "glitch" may not be a failing drive, but more likely a system upgrade bug that is easily cleared.
    If it at least saves *one* trip for *one* person to a Mac store, it's worth my time typing this.


    chances are I think you are a douche.

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    Thumbs up Worked for me
    Strange but its seemed to work for me too.

    Consider me the *one* person you've saved a trip to the Apple store

    Signed up especially to thank you and almost forgot.

    Cheers karlos2000!

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    Thanks for that heads up. Hopefully that will explain my problem. Doubt it though since mine pre-dates Lion.

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    Smile Super drive upgrade to Lion issue
    Hi Turning off the system preferences for CD/DVD worked for me too


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    ^^^^ So happy a 2 yr old thread is still helping folk's out.
    Glad it helped you Kyle
    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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