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    Macbook Pro bootcamp windows 7
    Yes, it's another bootcamp problem, but before you write me off as a moron who can't use Google (which I still may be) anyway my problem is this, I've booted Windows 7 Ultimate on my macbook pro late 2006 model, which it runs fine on until I install the drivers from my 10.6 OSX CD from the bootcamp folder. Once I restart my MBP, I log in just fine for about a good second then Windows 7 just restarts my computer. Once it restarts and looks like it's about to reboot into Windows 7, I get a black screen. The computer isn't off I can hear that it's still on and I also hear it shut down. I'm fairly certain it's one of the drivers, but maybe I'm wrong and I can only install vista and not Windows 7. I just wanted everyone's opinion before I wasted hours of waiting, rebooting and what not.
    If the problem was right in front of my face I'm sorry ahead of time for wasting your time.
    My macbook pro 15in late 2006 model
    2GHz processor
    2GB of memory
    intel core duo
    ATI Radeon x1600 32 bit
    Thank you for taking the time to read over my problem.

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    It sounds like you're missing the video driver for your ATI x1600 GPU and that's why you wind up with a black screen. You could also have an incorrect video driver loaded. Try starting Windows 7 in Safe mode. Hold down the F8 key when booting into Windows 7. If it starts that way, you'll know the video is the likely culprit.

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    Perhaps, I've been loading certain drivers individually and it seems to work fine. but I did load it in safe mode it didnt work.

    Here's another question, Would I need all the drivers on my OSX disk to do certain things, such as play League of Legends? haha

    Edit again. It's okay I've fixed it ! It was probably one of the video drivers that messed up so I installed the Apple drivers, Audio drivers as well as some others that I thought that wasn't the problem. I updated Windows7 with their drivers and bam I'm home free

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