I have a Mac Pro, Intel 2x2.8 GH Quad Core Intel, with 4 hard drives, 4GB RAM running on 10.5.8.
I have been afraid of upgrading to Snow Leopard because I was worried about the hassle of backing everything up, reformatting and reinstalling everything.
BUT, can I use one of my hard drives which only has an older version of Photoshop and reformat that drive installing the new operating system on that hard drive. If I then uninstall the old operating system, will all the applications and programmes operate okay? At the moment all the apps and the 10.5.8 are on what is known as Macintosh HD, whereas the proposed hard drive for the new operating system is called Photoshop, as I had intended to keep Photoshop on a separate HD from the operating system, but when I upgraded Photoshop it put it on to the MacHD drive without me noticing. I assume that if I wipe the old Photoshop the latest one will run without reference to the old one?