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    Photobooth Photos missing in Lion
    Please can someone help me? I've just upgraded to Lion and on opening Photobooth it told me that it was just reinstalling itself and then it opened full screen. However all my photos are gone. They are just white blank spaces. I've looked in the new Photobooth folder that Lion creates and the photos are all in there but when I try to manually open them with Finder or Preview - it says the file is empty. What has the Lion done?



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    Dec 15, 2006
    Can anyone help?

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    Registered just to share this link I found - was having a similar problem. Only a fraction of the photos I had taken with Photo Booth over the past several years were showing up after upgrading to Lion. This fixed it:

    Mac OSX Lion Photo Booth Plist Rebuild/Repair Script — Donat Studios

    I got a "Warning: Permission denied on line 59" error, but it still worked. Hope this will help you!

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    Hey B,

    Thanks so so much. Just seen your post and will try it now.


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    Solely as a data point, you got me curious about this so I opened Photo Booth. No problem with my pictures, some going back more than four years.

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