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    How to install Mac Os on a OCZ SSD?
    Ok, so I replaced a HDD on my MacMini for a brand new OCZ SSD. I still have the original Snow Leopard install discs....How do I install the OS? How do I go to BIOS? How do I go to install screen? Wich button do I press???????????

    Is this a hackintosh? Can I securely make the updates?

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    Install Leopard
    Than update to 10.6.8 (disregard all other updates except combined command things)
    Then download Lion from app store or else where
    Then your good to go.

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    Just stick your old HDD in a USB enclosure, boot from that with the option key at startup, format your SSD, and restore the old drive to your SSD with Disk Utility. Job done.

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