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    Oct 20, 2010
    Lion and Path Finder
    So far the only major issue I have with Lion is that Path Finder doesn't work.

    It opens but the side bar is empty.

    I much prefer Path Finder to Finder, as far as I'm concerned Path Finder is what Finder should have been. I hope it isn't too long before the developer provides an update!

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Panic over.

    There was an update for Path Finder, once I'd downloaded that it all works as before.

    I'm now a very happy chap!

    What is interesting is that the side bar in Path Finder is now almost completely monochrome, just like Finder.

    There is a bit of colour, my external NAS disk icons are in colour as are the folder icons in the search section. That said the colours are very pale and washed out. I would prefer the more vibrant colours it had under Snow Leopard but it's only a minor thing and I'm sure I'll get use to it.

    I wonder why Apple have gone for the monochrome look when we are all sitting in front of displays that do colour so well?

    It would be nice to have the option to brighten things up a little.

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