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    bizarre, window problem in mac mail
    I'm using mac mail and I tried to send an email to well over 100 recipients. It didn't work probably because of a limit on my smtp server. When mail could not do it, it opened the window declaring 'can't send message on smtp server.' So far so normal. But because there are so many reciepients quoted in that window the 'box' you select to delete the message or to open connect doctor is miles underneath the screen. Because the way mail has designed the windows to open I can't scroll down to click on the button and the mail is stuck there. I can't do anything till I've selected one of these options. If I force quit the program and restart mail the email automatically tries to send again and creates this window. So it's completely stuck. I can't alter the display size to make it any smaller. When I usehot corners I can see the window is really long, but I still can't click on the box to get rid of it, because its on the bottom of the list and off the screen. The only solution I can think of is to get another huge monitor and connect it to the mac so the window will fit on it. This is MASSIVELY frustrating!

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums

    Open Finder and navigate to:

    MacIntosh HD/Users/your user name/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Outbox.mbox/

    Find the message in the above folder and delete it from there.

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    Ah ha, I really thought you had it there. However what has happened is that I restarted Mail several times, each time it kept trying to send the message. I then restarted the MacBook. This time the email went from trying to be sent into the outbox. So I managed to delete it. But what had also happened is that I minimized a copy into the dock, that mail with the huge tail still exists, it almost appears as if it is independent from mail. The only think I can do is keep it minimized or as I said open it in a larger screen and try and get to those boxes. The problem is I'll now try and send the email in separate batches as mail still works, or from the mail program online. But if mail suddenly tries to send the super large email it will resend it to everyone, which I don't want obviously. It also just gets in the way of the day to day using of mail, as it will probably try and resend it. Arghh.

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    I just restarted again eventually getting the mail in the outbox and deleting it before it tried to resend. Thanks for the help.

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