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    I want to launch firefox 2.0 from an icon and launch a specific website
    Its an oddity, that is for sure.

    But basically what I am intending is to launch Firefox from an icon that will launch a specific website. We have an intranet website that for some reason will not work with any other browser newer than so they want to keep using FF2 for that website.

    What I have done so far in testing is this. I have put the FF2 application into a folder that is located in my applications folder.

    If I then open terminal, I can type in
    /Applications/iTime/cwcFF2/ http://ourwebsite
    and it will launch the website and only FF2 even though we have FF5 on the dock as our default browser.

    That is all and well and good but now I want to create 2 icons for each of the websites that our users will use to launch.

    I am just sure how to package them into an icon so that the user just has to double click the icon in question.

    Another question that isn't as important but if we could do it, it would be great, but is it possible that if the user launches the intranet website from an icon that will launch FF2, can we keep FF5 open without them conflicting?

    Currently if I try launching FF2 while FF5 is open, I get an error about FF already being open. It would be nice if both apps could open up at the same time. If that is not easy to do, then its not a big deal but I would like to make it easier on our employees.

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    Jul 15, 2011
    This is on 10.6.8 btw.

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