Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read.

Here is my question:

In an attempt to batch rename all my pictures, I ended up changing all the names to "".jpeg00001, .jpeg00002 ...etc etc - instead of 00001.jpeg, 00002.jpeg - you get the idea...

Now I am having a problem trying to retrieve the files and renaming them correctly. One of the issues is that the actual file name is empty - "".jpeg0001 - and the other issue is that since every file in the folder has an extension .jpeg0001 or similiar, the extension is not recognized!

I have tried using Automator but could not find a way around it.
the pictures are in the folder, but since the name is blank = "".jpeg000...
I dont see anything...

However, when I try to import the folders to iphoto, it tells me .jpeg0001 is not a valid file extension.

Does any of you have any idea how I would retrieve and batch rename these files? Automator seems like a tool that could be used.
thanks once again for your time,
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