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    MS Office for Mac in Europe?
    Hi everyone,

    I need to upgrade my MS it appears that I must buy the whole office suite 2010--or at least this is the most reasonable option as MS Word alone is nearly as much. I'm on a MacBook Pro, purchased in the US, but I live in Europe so apparently my ISP registers me as European. The question is: can anyone recommend a reasonable/legitimate internet source from which to download MS Office in Austria/Europe? One problem I run into is that most sites try to charge me 139 euros, whereas one can purchase with a US ISP for 139 dollars -- a significant difference given exchange rates.

    I'd avoid the whole MS thing if I could, but I need it for my freelance work...Much appreciate any help, thanks.

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    You need Office 2011, not 2010. Office 2010 is the Windows version, 2011 is the Mac version. Be sure to get the 2011 version.

    Most places seem to charge similar amounts although you will find some differences. Take a look at Amazon - I can save close to $25 here if I went that route. You won't be able to download it from then the "traditional" way but if you use their online Mac application store (check to see if it's available in Austria), you can download it.
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