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    Reinstallation of OS on New imac
    Hello. I have the opporutnity to buy a 6 month old imac at a great price (coming over from Windows as my first mac). However, I am deterred because the seller does not have the Snow Leopard OS DVD. I would like to perform a fresh OS installation to wipe off old the old data and start from scratch. Should this be a deterrent in my purchasing decision or can I get the DVD elsewhere (perhaps download)? Or, is there a way to do a fresh restore without the DVD? Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have no experience with MAC.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mariog7 View Post
    Should this be a deterrent in my purchasing decision or can I get the DVD elsewhere (perhaps download)?
    No this should not be a deterrent. Just go to your local Apple Store (or order online) a $29 OS 10.6 Snow Leopard install DVD. Or you could wait for OS 10.7 "Lion" to be released which will be very soon (rumored next week).


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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    Or you could wait for OS 10.7 "Lion" to be released which will be very soon (rumored next week).
    And you have to get it through the App Store, which, because you have Snow Leopard installed, should be a breeze.

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    Lion is to be installed as an upgrade to a computer running the latest version of Snow Leopard. If you want to format the disc and start all over again, then you must have the Snow Leopard DVD. There is one Snow Leopard DVD which is called an upgrade, but do not fear, it has the whole install. (Although you might still have to get online and do more updates for Snow Leopard) If in doubt, call the Apple Store and explain what you want to do and what you already have. You might score a slightly better deal if the other guy bought Apple Care for a year. Never know what being polite with Apple might do, they might just give you a Snow Leopard DVD.

    Other posters are correct in saying Lion is being distributed over the internet, and not sold as disc, although it is like getting the Snow Leopard DVD, both are $29.00 each plus tax.

    Please realize that to get a fresh install, you must format the hard drive (the program is on the Snow Leopard install disc). One can re-install the Mac OS without touching the user data on the hard drive.

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