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Thread: Not able to format external hard drive

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    Not able to format external hard drive
    I'm using an iMac Intel 3.06ghz, 4gb ram, with OS x 10.6.7 snow leopard. I am trying to use a Maxtor Black Armor 160 gb to back up files to. It used to work when I had a PC. Then I got this Mac. I tried to format it before in Disk Utility. When I tried to do it FAT32 it started to process and then the power went out in my house.

    When I tried to start it over again, Disk Utility sees the drive but I can't do anything with it. All my options are ghosted out. The default window in Disk Utility says its a 160gb drive. When I right click on it and click info, it says the drive is 0 bytes.

    All my various options for doing things to the drive in Disk Utility are there but are ghosted out as well. As for the drive itself, I can hear the disk spinning but LED only comes on for a second and goes out.

    Also as soon as I plug in the drive, nothing shows on my Mac desktop. What can I do next? Is there any better software out there for this that is maybe free?

    Thanks, Paul

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    It sounds like your Maxtor hard drive has bit the dust. Unless you had some data on it that you need to extract, just buy a new drive. There is software that can possibly revive it (doubtful) but the price for the software is more than what the drive is worth. Disk Warrior

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