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    Multiple User Accounts with different IP addresses?
    I just set up a secondary user account on my MacPro1,1 on 10.6.8. My G5 has two Ethernet ports and I was wondering if I could assign Ethernet 1 to the admin account and Ethernet 2 to the secondary account. Has anyone ever done this?

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    I have never thought to try this. If you are able to get an internet connection through both interfaces the only way I can think to do it would be to deactivate interface 2 on the first account and deactivate interface one on the second account. In the Network preference pane click the service you want to deactivate and then from the gear choose the Make Service Inactive option.
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    I guess I'd question why you would want to do this? Why does it matter which Ethernet port a particular account is using and which IP address (locally anyway) that port is using to access the Internet, because at the end of the day when you leave your modem and get onto the Internet ALL of your ports, all of your computers, all of your devices have a single IP address assigned by your ISP anyway..
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