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JanniEd 07-08-2011 09:13 AM

Secure trash and updates
Hi again. Still learning all the ins and outs of Mac Os 10.6.8. While trying to find out how to delete Java's cache, I saw something referring to Secure Trash. I went to the top and found it. I know I had about 8 items in the trash by clicking on the trash can. Imagine my surprise when Secure Trash was deleting 493!! What's up with that?

Also I was on the Apple site to get the latest Java and a list of things I could update was on there. Should I update all of those or should I pick the software update in About this Mac?

I DO still need to know how to get rid of temp files and Java cache.



EvenStranger 07-08-2011 09:20 AM

If one of the items you were deleting was an application, then it'll register as multiple items when deleting, as applications are usually application "packages," or folders with support files pretending to be an application. In Windows, support files are scattered throughout the OS, a .dll here, a registry entry there... finding them can be a real chore if you have to manually remove an application. On Macs, the application package keeps all required support files inside the package, so when you toss the app, you toss it's support files as well.

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