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    Kernel Panics: How to backup data and additional troubleshooting

    This is a two part question:

    1) I'm experiencing constant Kernel Panics upon startup and want to backup my data. I can boot into safe mode, but my external hard drive isn't recognized when it's plugged in. Any suggestions how to back up this data?

    System info
    Late 2009 iMac Core i7
    Mac OSX 10.6.8
    8GB RAM
    1TB drive with 175GB free

    2) Any additional recommendations on how to proceed addressing the kernel panic issue?

    Experience Kernel Panic every time I start up.

    • Ran Apple Hardware diagnostics and identified a problem with 3rd party RAM. Removed 2 x 2 GB 3rd party RAM, but even with original mfr 2 x 2 GB RAM, still experiencing kernel panic at startup.
    • Ran verify and repair permissions.
    • Ran verify and repair disk -- no problems found.
    • Did the command-option P R and waited for 3 chimes.
    • Ran Software Update and verified all software is current.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Kernel panics can be a sign of any number of issues. I've had it with buggy software/drivers; others have had it with hardware issues related to the RAM or the motherboard. If your diagnostics pegged the 3rd-party RAM as the culprit, yet you have problems with Apple's RAM also, then either Apple's modules are bad also (less likely), or the motherboard has a faulty component (most likely). Your inability to recognize the external drive is also a clue to the motherboard being faulty.

    When booted in Safe Mode, does Disk Utility not see the external drive? If it does, you may simply need to format it. If it does not see it… do you have any other computer that you can network to?

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    If I read your post correctly you have only 175 MB free on a 1 TB drive. I wonder if that can be the problem? You have no space on the drive for the operating system to work properly. I'm not an expert by any means but if the data is correct that you provided then that could be the cause. If you can free up some space that may solve your problem. If you typed the data in incorrectly and you actually have 175 GB free space then I can't really help you. Sorry.

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    Sorry, meant to state 175GB free on 1 TB drive.

    Based on Apple hardware diagnostics, it doesn't look like the Apple memory is at fault. Not getting hardware errors once the 3rd party memory was removed.

    Haven't gone into Disk Utilities in Safe Mode yet. But will check if external drive can be seen there.

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