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    Connection Failed

    I use an application called "SyncTwoFolders" to sync between my iMac & MacBookPro.
    This has been working really well for my situation.

    About a week ago I did what seemed a major update to Mac OSX.
    Since then I've been unable to connect to the MacBookPro and get the following message:

    All the applicable folders have full sharing enabled. The MacBook appears in the iMac tree but won't allow a connection.

    Could someone please steer me toward regaining this connection?


    Edit: I've checked the IP address as suggested but what do I do then?

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    "Assuming" you can open Finder and browse to the shared folder, with a 3rd party application, best bet is going to be contacting the developer of the application.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    That message is from simply trying to connect to the MacBook in iMac's Finder.
    At that point I haven't even started SyncTwoFolders.

    It's like the MacBook is refusing to share even though shares are set as read-write.

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