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    Help please, ex-bf changed Admin. password- no cd drive
    Running OSX 10.4.11
    Old beat up computer desperately clinging to it's last days (because of his constant irresponsibility with torrent downloading) , and my ex boyfriend just made it more difficult.
    Broke up couple days ago- while I was sleeping he made a new account and made himself the administrator, and won't give me the password.
    I had my own administrator account that had to be erased and everything lost about two weeks ago because it started doing the "flashing spotlight/desktop icons/keyboard not working" problems.
    Cannot unlock anything in system preferences without his password.
    So.... how can I reset the administrator account and password without a working disk drive and without losing any data again.
    If it's even possible.
    Thanks for any help.

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    A quick google search found this. Change Mac admin password without the disk [Solved] I've never tried it so I can't speak for the effectiveness or anything but the responses to it seem positive. Try it at your own risk.

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    Remove the disk to an enclosure so that you can get your data from another machine (mac or pc). Then, put it back in and reformat/install the OS. Think of it this way - he may have put spyware on there to keep tabs on you using the camera, screen shot, etc. So, may as well ensure against such nonsense by starting fresh.
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    And thus why even my wife (tomorrow will be 32 years) is not allowed to log onto any of my machines via the admin account.

    For others reading this thread.
    Lesson: Do not allow others to use your computer while logged into the admin account - period - ever...
    Don't care if they're your bffl, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse...

    Agree with wheelguy about doing a fresh install at this point. But, there is no reason to take that drive out of the machine. If you haven't got an external for backups already, go and get one. Backup your data, make sure it's all there and works, re-partition, format and reinstall the OS to the internal drive.
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