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    Can I switch off journalling on a journalled volume?
    I've just installed a new 2TB internal drive in my Mac Pro (Snow Leopard) - it'll be used for storing a growing archive of audio and video files.

    As part of the installation, I partitioned it into two 1GB volumes. At the time I thought I'd made sure that neither volume was journalled - but apparently not. As it turns out, one is journalled and the other isn't. Unfortunately, I only found this out AFTER I'd transferred 350GB of video files to the journalled volume.

    So, can anyone tell me... Is there any way I can disable/switch off journalling on that volume while it has files living on it, or do I have to copy all those videos off to somewhere else, re-format the volume as non-journalled and copy them back again?



    I've just found this interesting link, which appears to provide a solution. Tried it. It works. There - that was a short thread, eh!

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    It's not a good idea to disable journaling on a Mac Pro unless your Pro is hooked up to an UPS. Any kind of power fluctuations or power failure while your external hard drive is being written to will likely cause data corruption. And without journaling turned on, it can be very difficult to recover. Besides, the added overhead by using journaling is probably very insignificant.

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