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    Android and OS X?
    Can anyone confirm if you can use a android phone with Mac osx?

    I basically would just want to drag and drop files.

    Advise would be appreciated, does Anyone else use droid and Mac PC?


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    What do you mean by drog and drop files?

    You can mount your SD card & use it as a USB, almost.

    My Evo is rooted and I'm always flashing new ROMs by dragging the zip files to my phone's SD card.

    I'm not quite sure if this is what you mean. If not, please clarify what you are talking about.

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    Most Android phones will mount the storage right to the desktop, just like a flash drive. Just don't expect any kind of user-friendly front-end for syncing. My HTC Droid Incredible came with a CD with Windows-centric utilities, but no Mac support. With that said, there are programs like DoubleTwist that can help you move your iTunes library to the phone, or just make music syncing a little easier.

    It's really not a problem if you're savvy with computers in general.
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