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HappyJoy 07-01-2011 08:41 PM

Sharing and Permission Default?
Hello. Is there an automatic default for Sharing and Permissions? The reason I ask is I'm the sole user of my computer. I have set up System Preferences - Accounts to be just myself as the Admin and only user. I've noticed when I "Get Info" for various items that the Sharing and Permissions will have different things listed. Wouldn't they all just default to me since I set it up that way in System Preferences? For example: When I Get Info for my printer, under Sharing and Permissions it tells me "You have custom access" and under Name and Privilege it lists:
system, Read & Write
admin, Read & Write
everyone, Read only.

But if you Get Info for example Skype my Sharing and Permissions are:
(Me), Read & Write
staff, Read only
everyone, Read only.

I don't share, I don't do any of the bells and whistles. Yes, I am boring and out of touch. So is there any way I can default everything I have to simply what I have set up in the first place under System Preferences which is myself? And further since I am set up at the "Admin" and only user, why do some Apps list "admin" and others "Me" if we are both the same?

A layman's explanation is much appreciated.

Lifeisabeach 07-02-2011 08:43 AM

That's how permissions work in Unix. "System" is the OS. Deny the system access, and nothing works. Admin is anyone who has admin privileges. You may be the only one, but it's still a class of user. And Everyone is exactly that… everyone, even though "at the moment" you are the only one. Think about it. If all the permissions were restricted to just you, then you added a new user, all the permissions for every single file would have to be re-written. That's just nuts.

Also… it's HIGHLY inadvisable to have only one user account. It's not common, but sometimes user accounts can get corrupted and you wind up with an unbootable system if it's the ONLY user account. I had a weird issue some time back where I couldn't log into my wife's account. I wound up backing it up, deleting it, then re-migrating it and it worked fine. No idea why it ever happened.

HappyJoy 07-08-2011 10:59 AM

Good advice, thanks. I never thought about having a second account for backup.

EvenStranger 07-08-2011 11:56 AM

We had two customers in the same week a couple of years ago who, in a fit of paranoia, decided Everyone didn't need any access at all - they didn't want everyone going through their stuff. So they set Everyone to No Access, applied to all subfolders, only to find they have a very nice aluminum paperweight afterward. Unit would not boot, they couldn't access anything at all. Had to explain to both of them the concept of Everyone - Everyone includes you. It's like throwing away your car keys to keep everyone from stealing the car. Seems somewhat secure, except for the fact you can't get in either.

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