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    May 05, 2007
    Looking for app to connect and upload mysql tables?

    I'm looking for an app to upload mysql tables from a local mysql database to a remote mysq database

    I already know how to exports the tables in local database and then import them in remote database. But I need an app which makes the connection and upload the tables programmatically

    I was checking on Querius but as far as I can see it doesn't do what I need


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    Dec 15, 2011
    Lightbulb I am trying to set up MySQL, Apache and PHP to work together..
    Have any idea how to make a local server (Apache) to work together with PHP and MySQL?

    I have already installed Apache and PHP and they seem to be working.
    as for MySQL, I have no idea how to do that.
    Care to help?

    Terums (at)

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