I have the computer to never go to sleep. I guess it still goes to sleep when it is closed, but I downloaded insomniax for times when I want it closed and I am downloading something and don't want it to sleep. I have the screen to shut off after 30 minutes and a screensaver comes on and a password is required to come back to the computer. I have been noticing that if I am downloading something and walk away for over 30 minutes, it seems like the computer still goes to sleep. The screen will be off and I have to type the password in, but it seems to be in sleep mode. I was just downloading the new java update and walked away and came back, typed in the pw and saw that I got an error message that there was no internet connection, but I was using wifi on my iphone, so there was an internet connection. Could this mean that the comp is still going into sleep mode, somehow? It's a new 13 in macbook pro? Any help would be great, thanks.