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    MBP wouldn't wake up and now startup time suddenly fast? Is there an error/problem?
    Hello! People usually have an issue with slow startups and for a while, i've been having so-so startup times with my MBP. It got slower after installing Photoshop Master Collection but I've since uninstalled it all but Photoshop and whatever stuff it needs. The startup time didn't improve though so I was surprised when tonight, the startup suddenly sped up. I usually count the number of cycles the circular progress.. monitor (it's not really a bar is it?) and it's down from 23 to 13 cycles. This is the fastest that my MBP started up maybe even faster than the first time I turned it on after I unboxed it.

    The problem is that I'm worried something might have happened.. maybe a software or hardware problem. Earlier this evening, I left the laptop turned on and it went into sleep mode. When I came back about 2 hours later and tried to wake my MBP, it wouldn't. So I did a forced reboot and the startup time was just ridiculously long.

    After that, that's when I suddenly experienced really quick startup times all of a sudden.

    This MBP is pretty new. I just bought it last April 2011. It's the 13" Intel-based Mac with the i5 processor and 4GB RAM. It's been having a LOT of problems but most of them I can ignore. I'm really just worried about the incident earlier tonight about not being able to wake up my MBP and the sudden startup time that followed. (It's been consistent btw, I've been checking)

    I'd appreciate any help or insight on this! Thank you in advance!

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    There's really not much you can do but to keep an eye on the startup times and the general overall response of the machine. If you're running into problems like you say, make an appointment with the genius bar at your local Apple store and have them check it out. Your MBP is under warranty.

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