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Jazzibabe 06-27-2011 02:48 AM

Is my macbook pro being hacked?
I was threatened by this guy on (I wasn't doing anything bad, I promise O:)) and he said he could hack it and he threatened me that if I didn't show my body, he would hack my computer. I told him he was stupid because I've read that Macs are hard to hack and it's almost impossible with the security system, but then some guy argued with me and said macs are easy to hack, its just that no one would want to because its not much profit and that macs are just as easy to hack as PCs. I didn't believe him, but ever since that convo, I notice strange things with my mac.

Like for example,

-At random times, all my accounts (like facebook and aol) would randomly log out and ask me to log in again. So I don't press anything. I ignore it and close safari. I then would turn airport off then on and I would open safari and my accounts would be logged on still. So it seems like if someone were to be hacking my account, they are trying to get my login info.

-A moment ago, my cousin was on my laptop and my wifi disconnect and my comp wanted the password even though the password is saved already. Then I didn't put in the password. I just went to terminal to see how many users were on my mac, but as soon as I opened terminal, my screen went black for 10 seconds and then reappeared and my wifi was back to normal. So it seems like someone is trying to get my passwords or something.

-Other stuff, my mac is extremely when it comes to the internet. Slower than usual. It can't be the wifi because I have verizon fios which is super fast with all the computers in the house. For the past couple days, my mom's crappy Dell laptop (made in 2003) has been as fast as my mac which is crazy. 8O But today, my mom said that her computer was really slow, slower than usual. I'm wondering if someone is hacking through the verizon fios box. Like through the main IP address or whatever you call it.

Sorry for the long story, but can an expert help? Or someone who has encountered similar problems? I'm scared. I'm taking my mac to Apple tomorrow because this is crazy. :Oops: And is there a program that can check for spyware or something for free? And that is safe?

Thank you.

dmccloud 06-27-2011 03:28 AM

Your internet issues actually could be a WiFi related problem. Any internet connection can be slowed to a crawl due to router issues, and it would have nothing to do with "hacking" a system. As far as having to log back into websites, that sounds like the browser is having issues reading the cookies it stores login information on.

None of the issues you describe indicate that someone's trying to hack your system. however, it does indicate that there is possibly an issue with your OS that is affecting both the browser and Terminal (based on the black screen incident). So I'd definitely take the machine to Apple, because it sounds like software/OS corruption is causing multiple issues.

chscag 06-27-2011 01:37 PM


To be on the safe side.... It might be a good idea to change all your passwords to ones that are difficult to crack or guess. Using a long string of letters, characters, numbers, and so on is best.

You might wish to invest in a good password manager. Most folks here in these forums recommend 1Password and so do I.

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