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    Mac extremely slow while running flash content
    Hello; first post here. My Macbook Pro (17 inch) seems to be running extremely slow while running flash filled games and such. YouTube usually does fine, it's more games and such that I have an issue with. I play an in-browser MMO, and it lags like crazy. I empty the cache, reset setting, have tried several browsers (FF, Chrome, and Safari; Safari yielding the best results) and I doubt it is my internet connection as I have Fios. Any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks.

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    Perhaps you may have answered your own question without even knowing it.
    "Mac extremely slow while running Flash".
    There is a strong possibility that it is not your Mac but it is the Flash content that you are accessing.

    Just a thought.


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    Flash is a resource hog needs plenty of everything on a Mac they made several 17's without model year and spec hard to say also what video card.

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