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    Problems Booting up.
    My eMac has been giving me problems booting, it wont boot at all. So to try and remedy the situation I thought about running in safe mode or single user mode. However, neither will work when i try to boot up. Im using a third party keyboard because i got the machine from a friend without the keyboard. Also, I cant get the disc drive to eject either to try and run a program off disc to fix this issue. Any suggestions? Ive been in the single user mode once before since I got this machine so but now it wont let me.

    Ive tried hitting the f12 key as well as holding down the mouse click for the disc to eject. Neither have worked so far.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    First question is it the 1.26GHz model? If so these have huge problems with capacitors leaking and bulging causing boot and freeze problems. Next suggestion try an Apple keyboard, however any USB keyboard should work if it is in good condition.
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    Its a 1.25ghz, bought in May of 2004. I got it from a friend so i had to change the admin account to my own. Which I did through single user mode with the help of a walkthrough I found on google. After that was done, it loaded up just fine and walked me through the welcome to your mac walkthrough screens. When I got done with that i tried to run an update for the SuperDrive, which ran succesfully until i rebooted. Once I booted back up, the cursor stayed as the little color wheel loading icon. After awhile of this I just shut the machine off. Hasnt started up properly since.

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