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Thread: Muti file search at one time

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    Lightbulb Muti file search at one time
    Need a trick/app that lets me drop a list of files to find on a server and display so I can move the file:

    I am constantly asked to move list of files that are spread out though folders on the same server. What I'm doing is copy pasting each single file name, in this case SKU numbers, in the front of the file name per image naming standards, then pasting in the search field for that server, then picking the dragging the file I need (usually 2 or more images will pop up on search since I search just for partials of the file name) then moving the file it to a temp folder, I do this for x70+ files or how every many files were requested. It is a major pain in the butt, I have better things to do than copy/paste all day. Is there a trick or product out there were I can drop a list of file names and it shows me all the files that match on that vol?

    Thanks Aaron

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    Smart folders, which are basically saved searches, can do this. You'd construct a search LIKE "Files must be (TYPE) and match (A) or (b) or (c) ... etc"

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    Let me be more specific-
    I want to search once for multi files (ie 123456.tif, abcdef.tif, aaaaaa.tif ect all at once). I need them to come up in separate windows or equivalent so I can grab the files and move them into a script. I get list of files for people who arnt allowed access to my server then I have to grab the files off the server- it's a time suck to search for each one individually and move it to a folder that will eventually be zipped and FTP'ed

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    I think smart folders could still get the job done though. Especially if the files will have the same name each time. Then the folder can be saved and the results will update each time it is opened. If the files would have different names each time the process of creating the folder is the same but new filenames would need to be added. Here's how I did it with a small set of sample data:

    1. From the Finder's File menu Choose New Smart Folder
    2. First Search criteria is Kind is Image. A new bulbble will appear next to "Kind" set it to the type of graphic -- Tiff
    3. To start creating the Boolean search Press the option key and choose the + sign at the end of the first rule.
    3. Set the option that appears to "Any"
    4. Choose Filename and set its parameters for the first filename. Then click the + sign (not option +) at the end of that line to add another filename. Do that for each file name. You should be able to grab the results and move them to your script.

    The Option + trick I learned from Barney- 15E at the Apple forums.

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    @OP In thinking about this I bet the process could be automated using either Automator or AppleScript. That way the first part of the script could grab the filenames from what you are sent by the users. That could be the basis for selecting the files and moving them to the folder.

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