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Thread: Can't play wmv.lnk files...can't be supported by Mac OS?

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    Can't play wmv.lnk files...can't be supported by Mac OS?
    I apologize if this is the wrong place for this thread, but I'm new to the Mac OS, so I was wondering anyone can figure this out. I have some files that I copied over from my told windows OS; they're video files saved as wmv.lnk. I initially assumed that since they're wmv, I can play them using Flip4Mac for Quicktime, but I downloaded that and it still can't play these files...does anyone know why?

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    this doesn't work either, but maybe I did it wrong...when I downloaded it, it's installed onto system preferences. Then I tried to play those files again from quicktime...did I miss a step?

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    No, you didn't miss anything. Perian should have installed an icon in System Preferences under "Other". When you click on the icon and then on the "about" tab it will show that it supports the Windows Medial File format version 1 and 2.

    Are you sure the files are WMV and do not work with Flip4Mac installed? You said the files are video and saved as wmv.lnk? Have you tried to change them to video.wmv from video.wmv.lnk?

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    .lnk files are windows shortcut files, not actual video files.

    Hence the reason Perian didn't solve the issue.

    right-click the file and choose Get Info. How big are the files?

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    Well as mrplow said, .Ink is a shortcut
    And to have all your video format playable, use VLC (assuming you were using in Windows)

    Link to download: VideoLAN - Official download of VLC media player for Mac OS X

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