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Thread: Connect timeout on WEP connection

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Connect timeout on WEP connection
    Running: MacBook Pro 10.6.7 (also had this problem on 10.6.6 and updated hoping to fix it)

    First off let me begin by saying, I know WEP encryption is terrible, it's not my decision. I'm the only one having a problem connecting and it just started this morning. When I got to work I turned on airport and it didn't automatically connect to my preferred network, I selected it, and put in the password. It spins for a while then says "Connection timeout" HOWEVER, if I try to connect with network connection while it's spinning it will say "connected to blah blah" and in the three seconds it's deciding I AM able to load web pages.

    I've been looking around the internet and it seems that there are a lot of different ways people try to handle this, but I'm not certain we're having the same issues.

    I've deactivated ethernet and reset the PRAM. I have no idea what else to do. Help? Because this is terrible, and means I have to use a windows desktop at work.


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    Do you have access to the Wifi source? Usually pressing the connect button on the wifi box does the trick.
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    Open your Network System Preference, and under the Location pulldown, select Edit Locations. Create a new Location and apply. Click the gear icon at the bottom left of the Network pane and Set Service Order. Make sure Ethernet and Airport have a higher priority than Bluetooth and Firewire (if applicable). Apply again. Attempt to connect to WiFi again.

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    I tried both suggestions and neither worked. Now it seems to be more than just a mac problem since my co-worker can't connect either, while running windows. It's probably something to do with the base, now that it's not just me I can plead to IT. Thanks for the assist.

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