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    Partitioned my new drive, installed OSX, and want to use bootcamp
    I installed my new drive in my mini, i partitioned my 750gb drive into a 500gb partition for my OSX OS, and I left 250 for my windows OS. howver, when I look in Bootcamp, it only shows 500 gb partition. How can I get bootcamp to recognize the 250 partition for windows?

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    You don't.

    BootCamp resizes the existing partition for you. As far as BootCamp knows, your disk is only 500GB. Reformat the disk and leave it at 750. BootCamp will ask you the partition size you want to carve out during setup.

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    You shouldn't need to re-format if you've already installed OSX.

    Boot from the Snow Leopard DVD.

    Go into disk utility, delete the 250gb partition and resize the 500gb to use the whole disc.

    Reboot into OSX without the DVD in and use the Bootcamp assistant to create a 250gb Windows partition.

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    Thanks brother. I figured that osx was smart enough to fix that.

    Many thanks.

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    Worked like a charm.

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