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    This is a good one
    To no avail, I have had some of the best experience look at this issue and it even stumped them. I got 2 iMac 27" machines less than 8 months old, still in warranty and now registered to me.

    Before I did anything as far as teching on them I fired them both up, it default boots to Windows 7 Ultimate, so I said no biggy just pop in a OSX SL disc and repartition, format and reinstall OSX clean. It is at this point things get a bit strange.

    1. I start the machine in Option mode to show the bootable devices mounted, the SL DVD is one of them, I double click it and give's me a white screen background and a gray apple in the middle, not even a please wait spinner. It can sit this way for hours to no avail.

    2. Now what I tried is to do a Target Disk Mode install via firewire from my working Mac Pro tower also running SL 10.6.7.
    a. I boot the iMac holding down the T key for target mode plug in my firewire cable then fire off the Mac Pro (the host-working Mac), on the host I do see all of the drives on the iMac so using disc utility I erase and partition the drive all good up to now.

    3. Now I launch the SL disc from the Host Machine (working MacPro) and tell it I want to install it to the Target (dead iMac) All moves along just pee chee ducky fine, it does the restart and once again nothing except that White screen and a Gray Apple in the center, no waiting spinner or nothing.

    Now something I have not mentioned until now.
    When I took possesion of these 2 iMac 27" I fired them each up the booted to Windows 7 Ultimate, I went back and restarted with the Option key held to see if there was a OSX partition, none, the only partition is the Windows 7 and at that it is not a boot camp partition like it should be. Just for giggles and grins, I popped in a Windows 7 Ultimate install DVD Optioned the boot menu, selected the Windows 7 install DVD and voila I just installed windows 7 native on an iMac... I do not know the history of these so I could not tell you any more than what I have described here. by the way both of these iMacs do exactly the same thing.

    Another tech in the forum suggested it could be corrupted hard drive with windows 7 on there, even after I format and partition it out it does not clear the drive.

    Thank You all for listening


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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post

    I'm not familiar with this one, but it comes highly recommended.
    Download Burn for Mac - Easily burn data, audio, video disks and more.
    I use this to burn all my data/.dmg onto disc. Works Flawlessly IMO
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