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    First Post - My Back Up plan - your verdict and thoughts please
    Hello All,

    This is my first post ( if itīs in the wrong sub forum - my apologies) and Iīm seeking your feedback re: my back up plan

    Iīm running an imac, 10.5.8, intel, 500gb, 3gb ram - about three years old

    I donīt have much in the way of cash, so have come up with the following to cover my needs,

    I want to shift everything from my imac to an external hard drive as itīs getting sluggish, retaining all applications and OS on my internal hard drive. I then want to back up the external hard drive with another external hard drive to be kept offsite.

    OR - use three external hardrives - one as the main deposit for all files, one for back up onsite, one for back up to be kept off site

    Iīm an illustrator and musician so my main aim is to preserve my media and I also am requesting your thoughts on the best back up software and whether external hard drives can be daisy chained

    Like I said, I donīt have a great deal of cash money and this would appear to be my only solution. Youīre feedback is most appreciated,



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    You do realize that when you use "I donīt have a great deal of cash" and "the best back up software" in the same post you are contradicting yourself.

    Your strategy sounds fine. Just use Time Machine. For the money (free) you can't go wrong. Just be sure that you include (or un-exclude) the external you are using as a data storage drive.

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    Thanks Macworks,

    Yep, it does sound like I'm contradicting myself - I mean the cheapest solution whilst cutting no corners!

    THanks again for taking the time to reply, much appreciated


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