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    Memory Issues running SL

    It all began a few months ago when my wife bought me an Apple wireless mouse........

    As I had been running Tiger, I had to upgrade to Snow Leopard for it to function. More expense. And iLife......

    Now I have (in Apple terms) an ancient machine. It's a 2006 iMac. The maximum RAM that can be installed is 2 Gig - which I have.

    Memory usage seems high. The spec for SL calls for 1 Gig, but frequently Activity Monitor shows much higher than this and if I use Parallels, it shoots up to 1.99 Gig!!!

    My question is - is this normal? Is anyone using a similar machine and having the same or different experience?

    Is it all part of a plot By S Jobs esquire to force me into buying a new model?

    I must say that I like SL, Time Machine etc, but I will go back to Tiger if I must.....

    Cheers Mitcherooney

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    2GB works fine here on my Mini with SL but I do not use Parallels with Windows on it as that does take up a lot of RAM. Otherwise I find SL with 2GB fine for most general usage. You might try adjusting Parallels and how much RAM is allocates.

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    Thanks for that dt. I think I might switch to boot camp and see how that goes.

    Cheers M

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