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    MD5 different in terminal than 3rd party ap - why?
    anybody know why that when I run

    md5 -s "filename"

    I get a completely different hash than

    md5deep /filename

    I ran it against an md5 that came with a download and the one from terminal didn't match it. I made a new one from md5deep and it did match the online one...

    one from online

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    is the md5sum output the same?

    btw, md5 -s "filename"

    will give you the md5 checksum of the string "filename". Not the md5 message digest of the file. To get that using md5, use

    md5 "filename"
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    you are correct! Thank you for that....wasn't sure about the -s...just did what I was told...and look where that got me!

    Thank you again...

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