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    Spotlight Stuck on Indexing
    I upgraded a MacBook Pro last night to 10.6.8 and ever since the spotlight has been stuck on indexing putting the hard drive basically at a standstill. So far I've repaired permissions, verified the hard disk (showed as ok) and shut it down, restarted in safe mode then restarted again regularly and it's still stuck indexing and still very very slow. What else should I be doing? Thanks.

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    10.6.8 hasn't been released yet to the general public. If you are a developer, you should ask this question on the proper Apple forums.

    How big is the HD? How may files do you have? If you don't want it to index now, you can always turn it off by executing the following in a Terminal window:
    sudo mdutil -a -i off
    Enter your user password when prompted. Change the off to on to turn it back on.
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    Thanks for the response. Error on my part - it's .7. I'm trying turning it off now.

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