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Thread: I-Books for Mac LapTop??

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    Lightbulb I-Books for Mac LapTop??
    How can I download I-Books with just a laptop. How can I get that book to my Kindle? Thanks ahead for all.

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    I can answer the second question: You can't (at least not legally and without considerable effort). Books purchased through the iBook Store have DRM protection. You would have to strip the DRM and then convert to azw format to use them on your Kindle or Kindle APP.

    Free books maybe not but they would be available for free as a Kindle download, so why bother.
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    Thanks Razormac...just thought this would be an interesting way to go... but sounds way to much work...

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    You've identified the primary reason that I have ONE title on my iBooks, and DOZENS on my Kindle app. With Kindle, I can sync between multiple iPods, iPad & on my Macs, AND I can even access those title cross-platform if needed. AND, Kindle will keep my locations synced across those devices.

    There's not many things Amazon does better than Apple, IMO, but Kindle truly dwarfs iBooks in my mind.

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