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Thread: Lion - upgrade or new install

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    Lion - upgrade or new install
    So far all I can see for Lion is that it is an upgrade through the App Store.

    I guess more information will be coming along, but I can't believe that a new fresh install and back up from time machine for applications and documentation would not be a better way to go than just an upgrade from Snow Leopard.


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    FWIW, Macs are not like Windows, doing an upgrade install is just as good 99% of the time as clean install.

    Also, at this point based on what we know there will only be an upgrade install via the Ma App Store. We need to learn more from Apple, but since you can only get Lion via the MAS, you'll need to have SL already installed.
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    My wife's Mac has gone through upgrade installs from Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard without an issue and has experienced the slight increase in speed the two newer OSs provided over Tiger. It'll be going through the upgrade install to Lion also.
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    So will I for both of my Macs. But, I'll also have a CCC clone made prior to doing the updates. (Just in case.)

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    I do the same usually going the upgrade route. About the only time I do a completely fresh install is if I am experiencing problems or there is just too much old stuff around and I need to clean out the garbage.

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