Hello all,

I've recently ran into a problem while using both Viewnx and iphoto. It first started with iphoto. when I edit any photo, be it in raw or jpeg format, the exported saved edit wont save the sharpness. Only when you look at the processed photo in iphoto do see the sharpness added to the pic. because of this problem, I started using the editing software that came with my Nikon D5000 which is Viewnx. This program was working fine untill today when I was looking at my pics before uploading them to flickr, I noticed that the sharpness adjustment wasn't showing up in the final convertion. When I click on any one of my edited photos, I see the sharpness for a split second, then it disappears!!! is this an epidemic?!? I've tried re-installing the viewnx software but still no change!! I'm running a mac mini with os-x 10.4.11. Any help would be much appreciated!! thanks.