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    Constant clicking on the signal button for the speed to go up and not go to zero

    When I click on one of my router names with airport extreme I have to keep on clicking the signal button on the top right so that the speed won't drop to zero and the webpages and downloads don't hang or stop loading. This particular linksys router is the only one with this problem as the other linksys routers and any other brands I've connected to do not have this problem. The signal level is always full and never blinks or get disconnected unless of course forced to. I don't really know but it sort of seems like it is not waiting at all for this router when it is suppose to. Help is very much appreciated.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Try a restart of the router and if no joy, do a reset by holding down the little button. This will require you to again set up your account, password etc. Go to the Cisco web site on how to do this. Routers do fail and if you get a couple of years out of one you have done well.

    Also if you leave it connected and there has been electrical storms, sometimes up to 50 miles away, that can burn it out.
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