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Thread: autorun anniversary gift?

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    Lightbulb autorun anniversary gift?
    Hey everyone,
    My anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something nerdy and sweet as my fiancée' and I agreed to keep gift total cost to a min. I thought I would create her a "card" in the form of some music/image presentation on USB thumb drive... and ideally I want to give her the drive, she plugs it in and volla! an autorun script runs the file and up pops my video without any input from her.
    I am an avid Ubuntu user but she has a mac, however the programing language needed for the script should be fine.
    Now I've looked into doing this for windows AKA
    label=happy anniversary
    Tho now adays the autorun keys outside of label and icon have been disabled.
    My question is can it be done in ubuntu, and more specifically can it be done for Mac? if so how and what language/format?

    any help would be great guys and gals, I'm really hoping this will pan out as I think it would make a great gift.

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    Autorun is one of the PRIMARY reasons why Macs don't have viruses.

    Sorry, you are out of luck on this.

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